Our Business Code

When it comes to running our business, we work backwards from our customers' needs vs what will be most profitable. In us, you have trusted partners that will step up when you need support. No matter what challenge you or your business is dealing with, we are here to help you.

That’s ShipMaestro Guarantee.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we guarantee -

  • ShipMaestro does not discriminate among its customers and will meet the SLA for all of its customers.
  • All orders are shipped with the shipping service level you asked for. If not, we pay to fix it.
  • All orders are shipped accurately. If an order is shipped with the wrong item or the wrong amount of items, we will pay to fix the mistake and make sure your customer gets the right order.
  • All inventory is safely handled while in our care. If we damage or lose any product, we will pay you the manufactured cost of the product. We make sure that your product is received within our standards so that we can keep your inventory that shipped to us 100% accurate.
  • You'll have the best customer service in the industry! If you're not happy with how you're being served, go directly to the owner. Let us know and we will make the needed changes to make sure your needs are met.

Shivang Maheshwari

Founder & CEO